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Helping others help themselves

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“Here’s the hard truth: people who die by suicide don’t die because of something we did or didn’t do.  They die because they were mentally compromised, and their suffering mind told them that was the only way to escape excruciating pain.      We can live our life in a way that honors them and brings hope to their struggle.  All life has meaning, no matter how it comes to an end.”  (Kessler, 2019, p. 127)

David Kessler

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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Two years ago, our son, Nick came to us and told us he had been struggling with Anxiety and Depression since a very young age, and finally got the courage to tell us.  We were so thankful that he came to us, so thankful that he wanted help, so thankful that he wanted to feel happy again.  We did whatever we could to get him the help he wanted and the help he deserved.  He was in therapy that he felt comfortable with, he was about to graduate from college with Barbering, (his true passion), had his full time employment lined up at a successful barber shop, and had the full love and support of his family and friends.  Nick was doing well. And his future was looking very bright.  

Mental Health is an extremely complicated illness; an illness that even professionals find it difficult to understand.  

     On December 17, 2020, we heard a knock on our door.  

We thought it was Nick and his girlfriend coming to surprise us with an early visit as we were expecting them over the holidays.

It was the police.......

     Nick had battled so long with his internal demons just to be with family and friends as long as he could, but sadly he could fight no longer and lost the battle and took his own life to end his years of suffering.... 

Our world was changed forever that night.

     We vowed not to let Nick’s memory be forgotten, and are devoting our lives to helping others dealing with Mental Illness.

     We are a registered mental health non-profit society dedicated to helping others get the help they want, the help they need, and the help they deserve.  Here at Nick 4 Mental Health Society, we see the value in everyone.  We exist due to the generous donations and fundraising initiatives held throughout the year.  We use money raised to help fund Mental Health programs in our province.

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